SÜPRSEED’s mission is to eradicate health injustice in America’s major cities by 2040. We provide affordable access to healthy food in low-income communities, support an increased sense of personal health and well-being through events and experiences, and educate the public about healthy eating and wellness practices.

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In The Field

stories from those we serve

Health in a Crisis

“For the last two years, I have been navigating some health changes. And in doing so, I’ve been mindful of changing many of my lifestyle habits. By transitioning with the help of SÜPRSEED to a plant-based diet along with other self care practices, I have seen measurable reversals of some of the health challenges I’ve faced. 

I want to say thank you for the offering that you all have made to me. And I want to say thank you for all of the work that you continue to do to change the landscape of our city. 

Please know that the job you are doing is not in vain, and it has beneficial impacts on the people that you touch. Thanks again!

Tyree B.P, 34 - LA

Reversing Diabetes and Blood Pressure

"After watching a film on Reversing Diabetes via SÜPRSEED's film screening series, I embarked on a 30 Day Raw Cleanse.

I had recently been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure and by the 14th day, my blood sugar was normal! My blood pressure was checked three times, all normal!! I stopped taking medication and I lost 14 pounds! I am so thankful to my angels in LA for supporting me, God is good!"

Candace Price, 52 - Alabama